2010 Trafficking in Persons Report

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2010 Trafficking in Persons Report

The 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report was released by Secretary Clinton and United States Department of State.  The US Department of State has probably had the most impact on human trafficking around the world in the last 10 years.  I am usually a less government is better type of guy but one area where the government has had a huge impact has been in curbing human trafficking.  If you would like to read the Report you can download it here.

If you would like to see Secretary Clinton speaking about the report you can watch the video here.  The report is really more like a book so you probably aren’t going to read the whole thing but you might want to look at it and skim parts of it and especially any countries that you are interested in.

For the first time the United States has included itself on the list in recognizing that we need to continue to make efforts to combat slavery and trafficking in the US as well.

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