Buddy was invited to emcee this year’s BAM Conference in Silicone Valley and to give the closing address to the 470 attendees. It was great to be with so many people that are focused on furthering the Kingdom through business.

Some comments from this year’s attendees:

“One of the most relevant conferences on missions that I’ve ever attended.”

“BAM Conference’s … content is focused and directed at providing practical solutions and skilled people to forward the Gospel of Jesus throughout the world.”

“We did not invent BAM but a generation later it is exciting to see crowds of young people asking the questions that we once asked so they can go and build Kingdom businesses of excellence.”

“The Lord is advancing His global mission in and through Redemptive Kingdom entrepreneurship. The BAM work of Mark and his team is playing an expansive role in that mission. The 2019 BAM conference was a rallying point for Jesus loving business professionals to grow, learn, and re-charge.”

“This is THE conference to meet practitioners and mentors and to learn what God is doing in the world through BAM.”

“The BAM movement is now more relevant than ever as the church awakens to the role and influence of business in culture, and business professionals awaken to the spiritual depth the church can offer our broken business models.”

“The BAM conference rekindled my passion for God’s mission in the world.”

Buddy enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many business as mission practitioners that are making a difference in the US and around the world and to encourage and challenge them and to be encouraged by their lives at the same time.

He also had the privilege of helping to plan for next year’s BAM Conference in Chicago that will be taking place on Oct 2-4, 2020. If you are interested in Faith and Work or Business as Mission please make plans to join us in 2020 in Chicago.