Children Trapped in the World of Sex Slavery

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Everyday 13 year old Maly looks at the blank four walls around her, thinking hopeless thoughts and counting the days since she last saw her family. She doesn’t wonder about when she’ll see them again, because it’s been months and she’s used to the desolate loneliness in the small room. She can only look forward to more hours locked away in dark rooms, being poorly taken care of, and being treated like property. Because, at least in the perspective of the men who bought her, that’s all she is. She’s scared of those men. Their faces, their mean smiles, and the way they look at her and talk to her. She’s also scared of the other men, the men whom she’s sent to day after day, to do things she’s too ashamed to think of, even though she’s trapped with them in her nightmares. She is a sex slave. A year ago her mother took an “advance” on her earnings in a garment factory and two weeks later she was working in a brothel.

Though the above story was a work of fiction, it’s sad to say that it is the real story of many children throughout the world. Many actual stories are much more graphic and horrific. Wives placed in brothels by their husbands who should be protecting them and caring for them. This occurs especially in Asia, which is the continent of the world with the biggest concentration of slaves. Twenty-four million out of twenty-seven million slaves are in Asia. And the numbers are growing every day. The story behind each child entering sex slavery is often very similar; they were either kidnapped, or, more commonly, sold into it by a close and trusted relative or friend. Imagine the emotional damage each child goes through as they’re sold into a painful life of slavery usually by a family friend or relative.

The life of an Asian sex slave is tough to say the very least. As American’s we can’t fathom living without the freedom to make nearly every choice for our own happiness. Often slaves are forced into drug addiction, which keeps them dependent on their captors and buyers. Sometimes they can’t take their chance of escape because that would mean leaving their supply behind. Their lives become a haze of highs, unwanted sex, and unspeakable things in between. The girls and boys are made to wear, say, and do things that degrade them. They are treated as less than human. Their captors abuse them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They use their confusion and shame against the slaves to keep them from standing up to their captors or trying to leave.

Customers select the slave they want by age, gender, and looks. Usually younger girls between the ages of thirteen and sixteen are preferred. Before or recently hitting puberty is preferable as well. The customers pay the captors for an allotted amount of time in which they can do anything to the slave and make the slave do anything in turn. If a slave refuses, they are either punished, verbally abused, shamed into doing an act, or all of the above. Often the captor’s guilt and shame the slaves into doing filthy things by taking advantage of their cultural views. One example of such a situation is a young girl refusing to have sex with an older man. The captor would then rape the girl and present a twisted logical argument to convince her to have sex with the older man (like saying, “Since you’ve already given it up to me, you might as well give it up to all those other men as well.”). The girls tend to see logic in that and are too flustered and shocked to think about their own rights and value.

“There was a woman in my village who was about ten years older than me. She had left the village a few years before and one day she came back and brought her husband with her. She had nice clothes and said she and her husband had good jobs in Calcutta and a beautiful house and jewelry and good clothes. She said to me, ‘Come to Calcutta and I can get you a good job and you can help your family.’ At first my mother said no but eventually she agreed because there was nothing else I could do and we did not have enough food after my father died.”

The above excerpt from Sex Slaves: The Trafficking of Women in Asia is the true story of a fourteen year old prostitute, told in her own words. The leading astray of young girls from desperate families in the way above is a common method of forcing children into sex slavery.

The time to bring an end to slavery around the world has come.  Will you join us and do your part to help slavery?

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    Brought to you by the Tourism Authority of Asean! These people can stop this if they only would.


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