Made to Count

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Our lives were made to count for something beyond ourselves. All my adult life I have wanted my life to count for the things that are going to matter for all of eternity. I like to challenge others to live for things beyond themselves as well. As we have continued to research, meet, discuss, plan, pray, raise money, visit Thailand and Cambodia and look for ways that we can be used of the Lord God has continued to move my heart to sacrifice and live for others.

Other than making my life count I have had two other huge desires in my life. Running a successful business and having a great marriage. I have walked away from the business thing a couple of times as God called us to Japan for 6 1/2 years in 2000 and then back to Japan in 2007. Just recently as God has continued to enlarge our vision for the work of Stop Slavery I have been thinking, “I would be so sad right now if God handed me a fully operational, highly profitable business where I could disciple the people that work there and be a light in the world.”

I guess it’s just strange to see my heart shifting and being moved for those who are enslaved, in extreme poverty, without the hope of the gospel or suffering the effects of human trafficking. I have been to 20+ countries, all 50 US states and had not been to a Third World country until 3 months ago. It simply wasn’t something I was interested in beyond a little curiosity.

I don’t know that God will take away my desire for business forever but I do know that as I become more clear on what is important I know that I need to do all that I can to connect those who have everything with those who have nothing.

If you would like your life to count for the things that are going to count for all of eternity please consider giving to Stop Slavery at

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