Oki Stop Slavery Ride

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People often ask what they can do to help in the fight against human trafficking.  Sometimes I know them and have an idea of how they can bring value.  Other times it’s hard.  Many people here about the issue and want to help for about 2 days and then they are on to something else.  Then there are people that just make things happen.  They look for evidence of human trafficking in their own neighborhood.   They take responsibility for those around them.  Some jump in with both feet like Jason Migliore & Brian Layton who started the Oki Stop Slavery Ride and which Brian continues to run.

Oki Stop Slavery RideAt the end of 2013 this group of guys raised over $4200 in support of Stop Slavery’s anti trafficking work and work with orphans and the poor in Cambodia.  Each year the amount they raise continues to increase.  Thanks so much, Brian for continuing to challenge others to live for things bigger than themselves.  Having spent all but 8 years of my life connected to the U.S. military I continue to be encouraged by the heart of those who make up the U.S. Armed Forces.


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