Please pray for Ravy

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Ravy teaching at OrphanagePlease pray for Ravy’s recovery.  Here is a picture of him teaching at the orphanage before he was attacked.  I have included his email below.

Dear Pastor Buddy,

Hello ! How are you? Thanks for your email. Sorry for didn’t connect to you a week ago because I have a big problem and I rested in hospital.
Somebody hit me with stick, bamboo stick I heard. They hit me behind of neck and head so I don’t know myself and I know myself at hospital. While I know myself I vomitted out very much. They hit and then steal my computer and my wallet in my now I don’t have everything with me. All my photos and everything that I keep in computer lost.

Thanks Pastor, Today that I send mail to you I start better but it still headach and my neck still hurt and difficult to turn around. Please pray for my head because it is not good now.

I pray for you and your trip to every where that you go. I thanks God again and again that I still alive and meet all orphans again.

Bye see you next email,

God bless you and your family,

Dec 15 Update

Ravy has healed and is back to normal.  Thanks so much for praying for him!

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  1. Buddy
    December 9, 2010

    Ravy is back to normal! He spent a good bit of time in bed healing and even a couple of weeks after he was attacked was still asking for prayer to get back to normal. Thanks for praying.


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