How It All Started

Have you had something that grabbed your heart and wouldn’t let go?

Stop Slavery Logo

That was the issue of modern day slavery for our founder, Buddy Rathmell. After watching a video of Francis Chan speak at the Freedom Summit in 2009 he began to pray that God would end the problem on human trafficking and modern day slavery.

About 10 times over the next 5 weeks Buddy was up at night praying that God would move. Finally, one night Buddy felt like God said, “Maybe you should be part of the solution.” Over the following month the vision of Stop Slavery was formed.

Originally the plan was to raise a lot of money to combat human trafficking and not get involved in hands on work. The reverse has actually been the reality. Stop Slavery has gotten involved in hands on work, which you can read about on the next page, and not raised much money, which you can help to change by going to the Donate Page and becoming a Hero.

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