School at Unit 14 Fully Funded

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stopSlavery project complete

The very first project that we wanted to initiate as Stop Slavery was the school and community center at Unit 14.  The orphanage ended up getting funded first since it required less start up funds and just on going funds to run it.  Just before Christmas we received the last $3000 for this $19,000 project from a small group from The Harbor, which is a Cadence ministry in Okinawa, Japan.

Hopefully the school will get started soon.  We are already moving on towards other projects.  Two of our big projects for 2012 are opening the Museum of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery in Siem Reap, Cambodia and getting a real office so we don’t have to to work from home, couches, cafes etc.  Waahoo!

You can see the original post for the school here

Thank you to all who have helped with special one time gifts and those who help sustain our ministries monthly as well.

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