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Every 30 seconds, a child is sold into slavery somewhere in the world. Our goal is for Stop Slavery to no longer have a reason to exist in 15 years. To reach that goal, we need people like you to take a stand and help us end the epidemic of global slavery.

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When slavery was  legal in the United States, the average cost of a slave would equate to $130,000+ in today’s economy. Now, slavery is more rampant than ever and the average cost of a slave is a mere $90. This translates into a $32 billion industry, which is a large part of why the problem is not going away without a fight. Organized crime and individual traffickers continue to feel that the crime of trafficking persons is worth the profit. We need to change the equation so that the risk is no longer worth the reward.


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There are an estimated 29.8 million slaves in the world today. Although slavery is occurring in almost every country, an estimated 22 million people are trapped in slavery in Asia alone.

While evil exists everywhere, a very specific form of evil seems to reign here. There are systemic, cultural, and religious values that make the problem of slavery particularly grievous in Asia.

Please consider partnering with us in our work to bring an end to slavery globally, starting with Asia.

If you click on the button below, you will be redirected to a secure site where our payment processor will handle your giving. Many of you may track all of your giving on credit cards or use the points. When donating, please note that we are charged an extra 2.5% for credit card processing fees over other forms of giving. That being said, we truly appreciate all donations, regardless of method or amount.


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