Unit 14

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Today it was really neat to see Unit 14 after hearing stories and talking about it for the last couple of months.

We didn’t take pictures during much of the time because we were in meetings but I did get a bunch of photos of the unit and project when we were driving around after the meetings.

Wow. The internet is really slow in this cafe. I’ll have to upload pictures later today if I get a chance.

They were really passionate about education and we asked them about the need for a school one of the ladies said they needed that more the well projects that they were working on because without education they are planting things but not seeing a harvest because they don’t know how to grow things well. When I asked how many of the ladies could or couldn’t read they all pointed to one lady. I was feeling bad as they singled out the one lady that I assumed couldn’t read.

It turned out that out of the 22 ladies she was the only one that could read and write.

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