Video Games Promotes the Sex Slave Trade

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Sex Slave Trade Video Game For Sale Under New Euphemism

by: Amanda Kloer

Earlier this year, women’s rights blogger Jen brought you a great story about’s refusal to sell the Japanese video game Rapelay, where the main character/player is a stalker and rapist.  That company is still selling rape games, plus games focused on “sexual slave training.”  To skirt regulations, however, they’ve just given the games new, more euphemistic names.

The website BGamebox which sells these games via download to home computer has recently “removed” the offending categories, but in a Craigslistesque move is just going to rename them.  The “ryoujoku” (rape) category has been renamed the “Platinum” category and the and “choukyou” (sexual slave training) category is now the “Thoroughbred” category.  They’re also renaming individual games.  For example, “Gang Raped by the Entire Village: Girls Covered in Milky Liquid has become the slightly-tamer sounding The Trap Set by the Entire Village: Bodies Covered in Milky Liquid. Wow, that new title leaves me totally wondering what on Earth that liquid could be!  The content of the games, remains the same.

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