How It All Started

Have you had something that grabbed your heart and wouldn’t let go?

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That was the issue of modern day slavery for our founder, Buddy Rathmell. After watching a video of Francis Chan speak at the Freedom Summit in 2009 he began to pray that God would end the problem on human trafficking and modern day slavery.

About 10 times over the next 5 weeks Buddy was up at night praying that God would move. Finally, one night Buddy felt like God said, “Maybe you should be part of the solution.” Over the following month the vision of Stop Slavery was formed.

Originally the plan was to raise a lot of money to combat human trafficking and not get involved in hands on work. The reverse has actually been the reality. Stop Slavery has gotten involved in hands on work, which you can read about on the next page, and not raised much money, which you can help to change by going to the Donate Page and becoming a Hero.

The Rathmells

Meet our founders!

family 7Buddy & Jen Rathmell Founded Stop Slavery on Oct 5, 2009 and received 501 (c) 3 Non Profit status in the summer of 2010. In January, 2011 they moved to South East Asia to start a discipleship training school and so they could more directly be involved in the work of fighting human trafficking. The first 2 years were discouraging for them as not much progress or success was visible but the groundwork was being laid for better things to come. In year 3 they were able to see traction and fruit in the anti human trafficking work.

Buddy & Jen have a heart for discipleship and to see God glorified in the nations. Jen is a counselor and also teaches at a missionary school in Chiang Mai. Both Buddy and Jen get the opportunity to use their gifting to speak in Thailand and around the world. Currently (Summer ’16) they are praying about the ways to combine their heart for discipleship and launching Christ centered entrepreneurs.

Kayty and Colby

Modern Day Abolitionists

Kayty and Colby
Kayty and Colby discovered their heart for the people of Thailand during their college years. After a stirring in their heart to respond to the crisis of modern day slavery they will be working alongside a local organization to seek justice and restoration in Northern Thailand. Utilizing their backgrounds in Social Work and Criminal Justice, they are anxiously awaiting all that God will do during their time on the field! Colby and Kayty find great value in relationship building and can be found in the outdoors during their free time!

Peter Vanosdall

Marketing and SEO

peter vanosdall stop slavery

Peter has focused on creating and maintaining websites for StopSlavery, leading efforts in social media, web marketing and SEO. He worked on a variety of web-based projects for StopSlavery and occasionally provided photography assistance for mission teams coming from oversea and the organization’s website and social media. He is currently working on a limited part time bases, having returned to America to pursue opportunities there. When not working, he can often be found playing or watching soccer.

Paul Chamrong

Buddy and Paul had a God-ordained meeting in the spring of 2010.

Paul Chamrong Orphanage Director


By the fall of 2010 Paul Chamrong had completed an internship and opened the Hope In Christ Orphanage outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Paul and his lovely wife have 3 of their own children and ran the orphanage for five years before moving on to focus on business and church planting. He continues to preach the gospel in and around Siem Reap and will help us on missions trips though he no longer runs the orphanage.

Most of our orphan ministry has switched to Sok Pheannara who we affectionately call, “The Widow”


A leader from within.

polah crop

Polah came to our orphanage to help out in exchange for room and board.  We continue to support Polah as she serves the body of Christ and grows in her relationship with her savior.

Polah lost her left eye and struggled with being very self conscious about that fact.  Once when I was explaining that I was buying glasses for my daughter in Cambodia because they were so cheap there someone made a joke that it would be even cheaper for Polah because she would only need one side of the glasses.  I could tell it cut her deeply even before the tears started to flow.

It’s a hard tension to know when to share needs and when it feels manipulative.  We didn’t ask for help with Polah so we took money from the orphan fund to get Polah a glass eye.  It’s been awesome to see how much that has changed her self confidence and how she continues to serve the Lord.

Indigenous Missionaries

Making Christ Known



In partnership with an evangelism ministry, we are supporting two indigenous missionaries in a place on the globe where they are not able to disclose what they are doing. Please pray for these missionaries as they seek to spread the gospel in difficult places.

In their first 9 months they have been able to lead 18 people to Christ, who have since been baptized.  We are excited to partner with these dear saints who who seek to make Christ known among the nations. 

The Widow

Leading a Village to Christ

widowcambodiaThe Widow has been tirelessly working in her own village to minister to, and share the gospel with those around her. She leads a church service on Sundays, and supports various other activities throughout the week. She started her church with just a roof to stop the rain, and seating on the ground. In rainy season, flooding would make it impossible to meet in this location because it was covered with water. But over the last few years, Stop Slavery has partnered with mission teams who have come in and built a church that is off the ground, so that flooding is no longer an issue. The church continues to grow in this village with the Widow reaching many of her neighbors.

Our Work

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