The Rathmells

Meet our founders!

family 7Buddy & Jen Rathmell Founded Stop Slavery on Oct 5, 2009 and received 501 (c) 3 Non Profit status in the summer of 2010. In January, 2011 they moved to South East Asia to start a discipleship training school and so they could more directly be involved in the work of fighting human trafficking. The first 2 years were discouraging for them as not much progress or success was visible but the groundwork was being laid for better things to come. In year 3 they were able to see traction and fruit in the anti human trafficking work.

Buddy & Jen have a heart for discipleship and to see God glorified in the nations. Jen is a counselor and also teaches at a missionary school in Chiang Mai. Both Buddy and Jen get the opportunity to use their gifting to speak in Thailand and around the world. They are launching CEO Shortcut as a way to combine their heart for discipleship and launching Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs.

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